About us

We help you unlock greatness in everyone on the journey to world-class performance

At Competitive Capabilities International, our mission is to help build efficient and sustainable organisations that empower people to do their best work. With TRACC, our continuous improvement solution, we help businesses unlock greatness in everyone on the journey to world-class performance.

What we do

We are the producers of TRACC, an integrative continuous improvement solution that has been powering improvement at leading organisations for over 35 years.

TRACC codifies every step of your improvement journey and integrates your improvement initiatives into one measurable and sustainable solution. With TRACC, you can develop a customised improvement system that unlocks greater efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage.


Partnering with you to
unlock greatness

We’re not just consultants. We’re partnering advisors who thrive on complex challenges and are passionate about coaching your business towards greatness.

Our global team includes leading value chain optimisation and Lean methodology experts, change managers and workforce engagement practitioners with years of hands-on leadership experience in global organisations.



Our Leadership Team

Our global team consists of 5 regional teams and over 200 experienced advisors based in multiple locations.

Jay Milligan, Chief Executive Officer

John Mulcahy, Chairman

Jacques Matthee, Global Head of Product and Technology

James Dewey, Chief Financial Officer

Claire du Preez, Global Marketing Manager

Amy Brand, Global Head People and Culture

Robert Kent, Senior Vice President, Europe

Gina Rendar, Senior Vice President, Americas

Graeme Faulkner, Vice President, China

Mark Siedle, Regional Manager, Australasia

Adrian Pym, Regional Director of Operations, Asia-Pacific

Our Product Support Team

Our Product Support Team develops and supports the platform, digital applications and best practice content that help leading organisations achieve world-class performance.

Clyde CampbellProduct Design Manager

Chanti Wilson, Client Support Manager

Jill Southgate, Product Design Specialist

Robyn Macé, Marketing Manager

Sharon Brand, Senior Product Specialist

Grant Stevenson, Senior Product Specialist

Sharon Robinson, Product Marketing Manager

Our mission is guided by our core values


Safety, Health & Environment
We are committed to protecting our people and the environment


We value honesty, fairness and ethical behaviour


Shared Learning
We value openness and curiosity and share our knowledge freely


We promote innovative thinking and creative problem-solving


Customer Focus
We understand our customers’ needs and build lifelong partnerships


We are committed to excellence and deliver on our promises


We believe collaboration is the key to success in a fast-changing world

“’We’ve enjoyed a 27-year journey with CCi — capturing what works and tackling challenges together. The CCi team is a great partner and sounding board, always bringing new knowledge and ideas into our organisation, helping us to test out new thinking.”Head of Manufacturing Development, Global brewing and beverage company

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