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The challenge

When initial assessments showed a 68% performance rating (based on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)) and a best practice baseline below stage 2, Can-Pack implemented CCi TRACC to help it transition to a world-class manufacturing organization.

Shortfalls recognized throughout the company comprised insufficient team participation, limited maintenance systems, an informal 5S system and no problem-solving process. Further challenges included the competitive market, a highly seasonal demand with complicated peak season changes, insufficient support services and numerous change management issues.

As the largest and most innovative packaging manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe, Can-Pack began its TRACC journey with clear goals for sales growth, market share and profitability.

Can-Pack S.A. in Krakow, Poland, was established in 1992. Today, it is the main entity of the Can Pack Group and constitutes the center of the Group’s management. The Group manufactures beverage packaging and a wide range of welded steel cans for the food industry, easy-open ends, aerosol cans, bottle closures, packaging for the chemical and cosmetics industries, and glass and plastic packaging.

Since the start of the pilot intervention, the plant has enjoyed considerable success in measurable performance outputs, plus improved morale and commitment. The pilot line exceeded all cost indicator performance targets and after its success, TRACC was rolled out to other plants.

OEE increased from 65% to 82% in less than two years

9 months to achieve pilot line break-even

200%+ ROI during first 12 months

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