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The challenge

Embotelladora Andina, one of Latin America’s largest Coca-Cola bottlers, witnessed robust improvements after introducing TPM on a single line in Monte Cristo, Córdoba, leading plant leadership to introduce the program to the other lines. Efficiency showed a steady 10% increase over five years but, as with so many continuous improvement programs, it started losing steam and eventually stagnated.

CCi conducted a loss and waste assessment and an evaluation of standard practices which exposed significant opportunities for improvement. There was little teamwork, and no structures for operators to be empowered. Improvements were made, but they were purely directional with no team involvement, which often resulted in disengagement.

Embotelladora Andina SA is a Chile-based company engaged in the production of soft drinks in Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Andina’s principal business is the production and distribution of Coca-Cola brand soft drinks, among others, through licensing agreements with the Coca-Cola Company.

Andina has seen exponential improvements across all lines, with teams empowered to self-solve and focus on defined improvement goals. The savings achieved since the start of the program are roughly the equivalent of installing a new production line.

8% increasein OEE over the last five years

47% reduction in raw material loss (sweetener)

8% reduction in returnable bottle breakage

19% reduction in preform breakage

49% reduction in plant accidents

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