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Download the how-to guide Interpersonal skills for team leaders and get: 

  • 5 key components of emotional intelligence
    Develop these skills that help one manage emotions and behavior, and navigate interactions with others.
  • 5 golden rules of communication
    Create a positive work environment and ensure the right message is being communicated.
  • 6 steps to resolving conflict timeously
    Quickly neutralize conflict to avoid loss of productivity or morale.
  • 5 steps to help teams reach consensus on critical decisions
    Help team members to see each other’s perspectives, so that the possibility of conflict is reduced and consensus can be achieved.
  • 5 steps to help you negotiate resistance to change
    Give your team the confidence to manage change successfully.

PLUS: Get a downloadable Interpersonal skills for team leaders infographic pack for tips and techniques to help you optimize team interactions

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