Optimise your end-to-end value chain

CCi’s unique and focused approach builds capability, enhances collaboration and standardises processes to optimise the end-to-end value chain. Our established improvement framework delivers results that are sustainable — solving the pain of having to repeat the same improvement projects over and over again. We’ve supported over 3 000 CI journeys in 35 years — we know where the journey to great results starts.

How it works

  1. High impact, rapid improvement projects deliver quick wins and build areas of excellence within your business
  2. Daily management systems, structured problem-solving and profit improvement projects are executed in key areas to set standards and guide performance targets
  3. Improvement initiatives across your global value chain are integrated and aligned to synchronise efforts and accelerate results
  4. TRACC primes your entire value chain for rapid improvement by embedding capability and building a culture of excellence

Are you looking for results like these?

We are passionate about coaching manufacturing and supply chains to great success. See below for typical results you can achieve with us: