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It’s exciting to be publishing this month’s blog on our brand-new website. Over the past few months, we have been considering where we are on our own continuous improvement journey and through our internal discussions, alongside some valuable feedback from our clients, we launched our refreshed brand identity and this new website.  

At CCi, our mission is to revolutionize supply chains for sustainable success through tech-enabled solutions. We are proud of our new look and feel that reflects our growth, values, and commitment to excellence.​ 

This launch represents a significant step forward for the company, aligning ourselves behind a purpose that reflects the CCi we are today and what we envision for the future.

Our new identity: The next step on our own continuous improvement journey 

CCi’s passionate, dedicated experts bring a wealth of supply chain and continuous improvement knowledge. Averaging 25+ years’ operations experience, our consultants undertake comprehensive training to ensure consistent delivery – and with 20% of them joining CCi after previously being clients, they know what it takes to successfully implement sustainable change programs.   

Continuous improvement is key to building resilience against market changes and remaining competitive in a sometimes-crowded industry. As I mentioned above, we’re on our own continuous improvement journey, committed to practicing what we preach and constantly evolving and improving to deliver the best solutions for our clients. 

It’s important to us to have a brand identity and digital presence that reflects our industry-leading experience and our commitment to performance improvement. Our refreshed look and feel does this through:

  • A new symbol: Creating an energy flow and ‘step up’ in performance improvement. The step up represents ongoing sustainable continuous improvement, one step at a time.   ​ 
  • A new tagline: ‘Sustain the change,’ represents our core value proposition and commitment to helping you upskill, inspire and empower your teams to drive ongoing sustainable step change results.

A modern digital platform 

Our new website has been designed with a focus on user experience and delivery. It is a great platform that is full of resources to help no matter where you are on your continuous improvement journey. We will continue to iterate and improve on the website and add new solutions and tools as they become available.


I would like to thank our brilliant CCi team and partners for their dedication and hard work in making the rebrand and website a reality. Their invaluable feedback and knowledge played a key role in this project being a success. Alongside this, we appreciate the time spent by some of our clients, sharing their experiences, the role CCi plays in their performance improvement programs and the characteristics of our partnership that have been so invaluable to sustained results.   

After a great start to the year, I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in store for both CCi and our clients and the shared successes that are yet to come! In the meantime, please explore our new website and our insightful resources to help you energize your continuous improvement efforts, and feel free to reach out to me or the team with any questions or feedback.

About the author

Jay Milligan is the President and CEO at Competitive Capabilities International (CCi). Jay has over 30 years of operational leadership experience, championing more than 1000 employees with multiple P&L responsibilities exceeding $200 million across technology, business services, financial services, energy, and manufacturing sectors.