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Empower your people to own, drive and sustain operational excellence.

Our tech-enabled solutions meet the needs and pain points of mid-sized firms and large enterprises for both the short and long term. Combined with expert coaching, we help you rapidly build team capability to deliver sustainable step change results.

Our solutions

CCi solutions designed to build capability in your organization

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Our operational excellence platform


Drive and sustain your operational 
excellence journey.

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Rapid capability building

Empowering teams with the internal capability they need to adapt to industry changes and self-solve.

Sustainable step change results

Driving continuous improvement for sustained uplift 
in organizational performance.

Globally trusted expert facilitation

Providing globally trusted solutions underpinned by expert coaching and support.


Our 12-week improvement program


Gain dramatic performance improvement 
in 12 weeks.

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12-week rapid deployment

Ensuring a dramatic uplift in key performance indicators (KPIs) within 12 weeks.

Proven 4-step methodology

Using a proven approach derived from 35+ years of operational excellence expertise.

End-to-end loss and waste analysis

Identifying high impact improvement opportunities through a comprehensive loss and waste analysis.

Our approach

Coaching you to excellence, one step at a time

With a focus on your needs, we help you build the capability to achieve operational excellence.

We help you assess your practice and performance maturity, identify improvement opportunities, and create a tailored action plan aligned to your priorities that drives both quick wins and long-term results. 

We help you rapidly upskill, inspire, and engage your teams to take full ownership of the CI journey creating a culture of excellence that delivers ongoing impactful results.

Our expert coaches help you execute your improvement strategy, sharing their knowledge and technical expertise while coaching your team to become internal experts who own, drive, and sustain transformative change into the future.

We help you optimize your entire value chain by building capability, fostering collaboration and standardizing processes, solving the pain of repeating improvement projects over again and delivering a culture of excellence that drives sustainable step change results. 

We coach your leaders, and transfer knowledge to foster a culture of excellence, instil new mindsets and behaviors to execute your improvement strategy, and empower your teams to autonomously drive and sustain operational excellence long after we are gone.

From our clients

“CCi’s TRACC Solution is one of the first systems that I have seen that allows interaction or feedback from the people that are on the plant floor… So that it becomes a programme they own and not one where they are just told what to do.”

Phil O’Nan, Global Director of Operational Excellence

From our clients

“CCi offers great support, clarity of thought process and close one-to-one guidance. Excellent team to have on your performance improvement journey.”

Supply Chain Business Lead, Global beverage company

From our clients

“We needed a tool that we could hand to the plants to allow them to engage in the continuous improvement journey themselves and CCi’s TRACC Solution fit that bill.”

Don Wirth, Vice President Global Operations

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