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The challenge

When profitability and KPI performance started dipping at Cargill’s Eddyville plant, management instituted an Accelerate program to stop further deterioration.

As a leading purchaser and processor, Cargill is committed to sourcing sustainably produced corn in major supply chains worldwide. Part of this commitment is to work on continuous improvement in areas that are relevant for the farmer, customer and the environment.

While the Eddyville plant already had several improvement projects in place, there were too many competing priorities, no project sponsors, and project leaders who didn’t fully understand their roles. In addition, there was a lack of support for these projects. So, when performance at the Eddyville plant started faltering, plant management had to act quickly. They were looking for a structured process to improve accountability, project execution, KPIs, and shop floor involvement.



Cargill Inc., one of the world’s largest agribusiness corporations, is a privately held business with diverse product lines and processes from steel production to grain milling to commodities trading. With more than 150 years of experience, Cargill currently employs 160,000 people in 70 countries.

Within six months, the Eddyville plant was more efficient and more productive with improved interdepartmental teamwork, workforce empowerment and better adherence to the DMAIC process.

US$700,000+ realized in project savings

Moved from bottom of divisional performance standings to nearing the top within six months

On track to achieve 150% of their normal target

Active projects currently valued at more than US$7 million in potential savings

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