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The challenge

Competition in today’s manufacturing environment is fierce. The price of raw and auxiliary materials continues to rise, gross profit margins of standard products are shrinking, consumer demand for quality products is increasing, and government regulations around environmental sustainability are becoming ever stricter. Against this backdrop, Zhejiang O.R.G. Packaging struggled to maintain product quality, preventive maintenance was lacking due to skills shortages, team leaders lacked problem-solving skills, and there was a lack of communication and collaboration between functions.

In addition, demand often exceeded supply – resulting in teams regularly working overtime. These factors contributed to excessively high manufacturing costs.



Established in 2012, Zhejiang O.R.G. Packaging Co., Ltd. is a two-piece can make enterprise affiliated to O.R.G. Group based in the Shangyu District, Shaozing City, China. Products mainly include 330ml and 500ml two-piece aluminium cans and sleek cans. It is the first two- piece can factory in the O.R.G Group, with annual output of around 10 billion cans.

Within six months, Zhejiang O.R.G steadied the ship by increasing their production rate and eliminating unnecessary waste.

7.6% increase in production volume

24.68% reduction in scrap rate for 500ml aluminium cans

5.08% reduction in scrap rate for 330ml aluminium cans

0.93% decrease in the million-consumption rate

Zero quality compensation

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