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The challenge

Beam Suntory’s Segovia plant had been using traditional continuous improvement (CI) methods and followed a project approach to achieve incremental performance improvement. However, while this yielded some good results, several challenges still existed:

  • The approach resulted in ‘pockets’ of excellence, which meant achievements in best practice execution were dispersed across the plant
  • Employee engagement was diminishing in some areas
  • There was a lack of alignment between functions
  • Plant effectiveness was not fully realized due to limited workforce involvement in projects and meetings

Plant management weren’t achieving their goal of standardized, systematic high performance.



Beam Suntory is the world’s third-largest premium spirits producer. With over 6,000 employees worldwide, the company has offices, distilleries and sales organizations based around the world.

€1.8 million hard savings on raw materials after TRACC rollout

4.3% improvement in grain yield

Empowered team making effective decisions, offering suggestions, and presenting improvement ideas

From our client

“CCi’s TRACC Solution is one of the first systems that I have seen that allows interaction or feedback from the people that are on the plant floor… So that it becomes a programme they own and not one where they are just told what to do.”

Phil O’Nan, Global Director of Operational Excellence

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