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Are you struggling to keep your people committed to the CI vision?

Continuous improvement (CI) is not a project: It is a culture change embedded in the DNA of any world-class manufacturing organization striving for excellence. Initial CI activities may include project-based activities, but CI doesn’t stop once short-term improvement objectives have been achieved. Although these initial activities should encourage employee engagement, the real challenge comes later – when interest in CI activities often begins to wane.

Understanding the long-term benefits of CI helps to inspire people to achieve a sustainable CI strategy.

Download the how-to guide Driving employee engagement on the CI journey and find out how to:

Constantly reinforce the CI vision
Make the CI process part of your plant’s daily management system and a regular agenda item for the various meetings.

Build confidence and reassure people
Regularly communicate with your people by answering questions and consolidating their understanding of the various activities taking place.

Build skills and encourage new behaviors
Coaching and training sessions build your employees’ capabilities and competencies, and minimize any resistance to change.

Create a sense of ownership and pride
Encourage participation and collaboration, and make people feel like they are part of the solution.

Motivate your people to stay focused on the goal
Reward progress and recognize achievements through formal or informal recognition.

Show your support for the CI culture
Actively embrace Lean and best practice principles by incorporating them into your daily routine.

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