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Getting the most out of your gemba walks

A successful gemba walk requires thoughtful planning, execution and follow-up. All parties involved should understand the purpose of a gemba walk, and follow a clear process and protocol to ensure its effectiveness. Leaders should ask guiding questions that focus on the process – rather than people – to give a fresh perspective and better understand the work, while relying on the insights and expertise of frontline workers.

Ready to take the next step in executing better gemba walks?

In this guide understand how to:

Incorporate a gemba walk into your site visit
12 easy steps to prepare you for the gemba walk and any follow-up actions.

Establish a clear process and protocol
All parties should follow an established protocol, and be aware of the process and purpose of the gemba walk.

Approach a gemba walk
Tips on the type of leadership style to adopt to get the most out of your interactions with workers during the gemba walk.

Facilitate problem-solving
A list of probing questions to encourage process owners and teams to take ownership and solve their own problems.

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