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Leader standard work is about much more than standardizing leadership tasks

Applied correctly, leader standard work can be a powerful mechanism to create alignment, build consistency and improve management. By shifting from reactive to proactive management that uses standardized daily and weekly routines, leaders go from being the source of answers and decisions to teaching the system of work that defines their business system and coaching their people in active problem-solving. It lets leaders spend their time more efficiently as teams focus on solving problems themselves.

Leader standard work creates opportunities for leaders to interact meaningfully with employees, and encourages a sense of ownership, responsibility, accountability and empowerment across all levels of the organization. It develops the next generation of leaders.

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Download our guide and understand how to:

  • Develop a proactive management style
    Move away from ‘‘crisis management’’ to leading by using standardized daily and weekly routines.
  • Create a problem-solving culture
    Empower your people to collaborate instinctively, and solve problems quickly, creatively and effectively.
  • Constantly improve work processes
    Leader standard work helps to build standard routines and checklists to ensure the production process is stable and constantly improves.
  • Make standard work visual
    Using visual management tools helps to keep the focus and sets an example for your teams to follow.
  • Sustain what you have started
    Sustain any changes via leader standard work’s interlocking layers of checks
  • Deliver superior financial results
    Embracing the practices of leader standard work nurtures a culture that makes continual gains in performance.

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