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Do you have the strategic problem-solving skills to make the right decisions under pressure?

In an era of digitalization and supply chain disruptions, increasingly complex problems demand rapid, innovative solutions. You need to use all the resources available to you to help shape your decisions. This includes data and the expertise of other people, but often your main asset will be your own skills and following a systematic, problem-solving process.

By developing and refining a broad-based problem solving skill set that considers the short and long-term targets of the organization, and the potential obstacles, leaders can meet difficult challenges head-on, make effective decisions, and create opportunities for growth and continuous improvement.

Download the how-to guide Strategic problem-solving for executives and find out:

  • How to formulate a clear problem statement
    5 basic elements of a good problem statement to save time and money, and encourage innovation.
  • How to facilitate transparent communication
    Effective problem solving happens because of a leader’s ability to encourage an open dialogue between people in a safe environment.
  • Why you must embrace an entrepreneurial spirit
    You need to break down organizational silos and build a workplace that encourages cross-functional collaboration and problem solving.
  • How to approach strategic problem-solving
    Without strategy, change is merely substitution, not evolution.
  • How to use mind maps for effective problem-solving
    Mind map exercises help you find the most practical, time-saving and cost-effective solution to a problem.
  • About common problem-solving methodologies
    5 techniques to add to your toolkit to help you analyze a problem and find the most effective and long-term solution.

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